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Revolutionize your American Literature lessons with the ultimate visual notes bundle!

Do you struggle with:


Disengaged students? 

Overwhelming amounts of content to cover? 

Time-consuming differentiation? 

It's not just me, right?


  • You know historical context is important, but you don’t know how to include it
  • Your students need scaffolding and support, but you struggle to accommodate them all
  • You (and your students) suffer from “death by PowerPoint”

Let's face it:


Traditional notetaking is boring

Been there, done that

Gone are the days of merely copying a bullet-pointed list of random facts from the overhead and placing them in a binder, never to be seen again. Today’s students thrive on visuals – whether that’s in our presentations or in their notes. 

Plus, studies have shown that using visuals helps students (and adults!) retain information. Win-win! 

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Imagine being able to:

✅ quickly differentiate note-taking for your students

✅ scaffold the notetaking process, allowing students to become more comfortable with the skill

✅ engage your students with visuals

✅ turn over the responsibility for background knowledge and historical context to your students


Introducing the American Literature Movements Introduction, Visual Notes Bundle

Capture students’ attention with photos and graphics 

Free up your time – everything’s provided for you

Use whole-class or for independent learning 

Improve students’ retention and recall of key facts and movements 

Here's what's included:

3 versions of student visual notes

interactive ThingLink presentations 


PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations 

Literary Movements Included:

✅ Colonialism (1600-1750)

✅ Romanticism & Transcendentalism (1800-1860)

✅ Realism & Naturalism (1850-1900)

✅ Modernism (1900-1950)

✅ Contemporary & Post-Modernism (1950-present)

Teachers like you said...

Thank you so much for the sketch type notes! This made it so much easier for my students to take notes and be engaged instead of just a lecture and regular powerpoint. My students asked if we could to more notes like this. Also, you made it so easy to scaffold the notes for my different levels and those who need accommodations.
Ashley W.

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