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5 Activities to Engage Your Students When Teaching The Canterbury Tales

picture of Canterbury Tales book; text reads 5 activities to engage your students when teaching The Canterbury Tales

Like Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales is often a staple in British Literature classrooms. However, it can be difficult for students to understand. The archaic language and the sheer length provide roadblocks.  Teaching The Canterbury Tales can sometimes feel like a chore – just another box on the Brit Lit canon checklist.  Teaching this medieval masterpiece doesn’t have […]

5 Ideas to Make Teaching Beowulf Fun

clip art of warrior; text reads 5 ideas to make teaching Beowulf fun

While a staple in most British Literature classrooms, Beowulf can be a bit of a struggle for our students. The diction, the figurative language (so.many.kennings), the format. Teaching Beowulf can sometimes feel like a chore.  Are you looking to inject some excitement into your Beowulf lessons? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll explore five […]

6 Ideas for Teaching The Tempest to High School Students

6 Ideas for Teaching The Tempest to High School Students

One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is The Tempest. Magic. Romance. Revenge. Part tragedy, part comedy – this play has it all. Add the fact that the entirety of the play’s events takes place in around three hours. Phew. So. Much. Happens.  As is the case with any Shakespeare play, teaching The Tempest can have its challenges. […]

4 Easy Ideas for Introducing Shakespeare to High School Students


I love teaching Shakespeare. The language. The universal themes. The million and one cultural references born from his plays. However, introducing Shakespeare to high school students can prove challenging.

Below are four engaging techniques for introducing Shakespeare.