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8 Activities for Teaching The Odyssey

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When I taught freshmen, I always loved teaching The Odyssey. Students who were seldom engaged got swept up in the story of the Cyclops; admired Penelope’s clever solution to avoid remarrying; criticized Odysseus’ vanity/pride/poor leadership/etc. We’d stop and watch the movie after each section, comparing and contrasting. I could probably teach this epic in my sleep. […]

11 Poetry Pairings to Add to Your Classroom Today

Coffee cup and napkin with poetry terms. title 11 poetry pairings to add to your classroom today

Ahh, April. Longer days. Warmer temps. And National Poetry Month.  Founded in April 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month has grown to be the world’s largest literary celebration. There are posters. Poem-a-day offers delivered straight to your inbox.  For many of us, April is also the beginning of test prep season […]

18 Poetry Pairings for Secondary Students


In one of our recent units, our students paired a photo essay on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC with the poem “The Vietnam Wall” by Alberto Rios. We focused on how the photo essay and the poem treated the same topic (gotta hit that “Analyzing Different Mediums” standard). With National Poetry Month upon […]