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6 Ideas for Teaching The Tempest to High School Students

6 Ideas for Teaching The Tempest to High School Students

One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is The Tempest. Magic. Romance. Revenge. Part tragedy, part comedy – this play has it all. Add the fact that the entirety of the play’s events takes place in around three hours. Phew. So. Much. Happens.  As is the case with any Shakespeare play, teaching The Tempest can have its challenges. […]

3 Engaging Romeo and Juliet Lessons for Low-Level Readers

Much of my experience has been in the special education resource classroom. Many of them struggle with reading comprehension to begin with, so tackling every scene of every act in the original English would be torturous for us all. So what do we do? Keep reading for Romeo and Juliet lessons to use with low-level readers.

4 Easy Ideas for Introducing Shakespeare to High School Students


I love teaching Shakespeare. The language. The universal themes. The million and one cultural references born from his plays. However, introducing Shakespeare to high school students can prove challenging.

Below are four engaging techniques for introducing Shakespeare.