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3 Engaging Romeo and Juliet Lessons for Low-Level Readers

Much of my experience has been in the special education resource classroom. Many of them struggle with reading comprehension to begin with, so tackling every scene of every act in the original English would be torturous for us all. So what do we do? Keep reading for Romeo and Juliet lessons to use with low-level readers.

4 Easy Ideas for Introducing Shakespeare to High School Students


I love teaching Shakespeare. The language. The universal themes. The million and one cultural references born from his plays. However, introducing Shakespeare to high school students can prove challenging.

Below are four engaging techniques for introducing Shakespeare.

18 Poetry Pairings for Secondary Students


In one of our recent units, our students paired a photo essay on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC with the poem “The Vietnam Wall” by Alberto Rios. We focused on how the photo essay and the poem treated the same topic (gotta hit that “Analyzing Different Mediums” standard). With National Poetry Month upon […]

4 Ways to Analyze Rhetorical Devices in MLK’s “I Have a Dream”

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his powerful speeches – in particular, his “I Have a Dream” speech. Ripe for rhetorical devices analysis and inspired by seminal documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, this speech has become a staple in many ELA classrooms.

9 Unique Short Stories Pairing for “The Gift of the Magi”


Picture it. You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect lesson. It’s engaging. It’s rigorous. It covers all the standards. You’re super excited. And then you hear the dreaded words – “We’ve already read this.” Dun dun dun. What to do now? Continue with the lesson and hope it’s good enough that they won’t mind reading the […]