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Animal Farm Study Guide, Novel Workbook



Teaching Orwell’s famous allegorical novel, Animal Farm? Looking to add some depth to your questioning? Analyze figurative language, themes, symbols, and more with this Animal Farm Study Guide, Novel Workbook.

Orwell’s cautionary tale of the dangers of power has long been a staple in British Literature classrooms.

Designed to make students think, this Animal Farm Study Guide resource contains 24 visually appealing pages meant to challenge your students and add depth to their analysis.

What’s included in the Animal Farm Study Guide, Novel Workbook:

⭐ Chapter pages
⭐ Plot pyramid – complete during or after reading
⭐ Topics and Themes
⭐ Suggested answer key
⭐ Fillable PDF to allow for electronic completion

Chapter spreads are two pages each and feature skills such as:

✅ Vocabulary
✅ Reading comprehension questions
✅ Character analysis
✅ Symbolism
✅ Quote analysis
✅ Foreshadowing
✅ Conflict
✅ Propaganda
✅ Irony
✅ Style and language
✅ Motif
✅ Mini Research
✅ Writing prompts
✅ and more!

⭐ Topics: naive working class; power; manipulation of language; social class hierarchy; work class loyalty
⭐ Theme development paragraph: includes scaffolded and blank versions

? Check out the PDF and video previews for a more detailed look at each chapter spread.


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Animal Farm Study Guide, Novel Workbook