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Romeo and Juliet Close Readings and Summaries



Teaching Romeo and Juliet but short on time? Or maybe you want to only focus on certain scenes and aspects of the play. Then this Romeo and Juliet Close Readings and Summaries resource is for you!

A play of forbidden love, loyalty, and reckless decisions, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, long a staple in ELA classrooms, still resonates with teenagers nearly 400 years after its publication.

While full of beautifully written lines and witty puns, Romeo and Juliet can be difficult to understand, especially for students with learning disabilities or for whom English is not their first language, making teaching it difficult. Shakespeare Simplified to the rescue!

Ideal for struggling students, or for units with time constraints, this resource was created to help students practice close reading for inferences, figurative language, symbolism, and more.

What’s included in the Romeo and Juliet Close Readings and Summaries:

✅ Character map: keep the character relationships straight with this visual. Includes clip art of each character and arrows showing all connections

Scene summaries: summaries of each scene provide students with the necessary background for key scene annotations as well as fill in gaps in the action between close reading scenes

Close readings (one per act): includes side-by-side original and modern English translations of key lines from one scene in each act

Scenes included:
⭐ Act 1: scene 5, lines 41-51, 92-114, 118-141)
⭐ Act 2: scene 2
⭐ Act 3: scene 3
⭐ Act 4: scene 3, lines 10-59
⭐ Act 5: scene 3

fillable PDF: can be uploaded to LMS of choice for online completion

✅ suggested answer key

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Romeo and Juliet Close Readings and Summaries