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The Great Gatsby Introduction QR Code Webquest



If you’re teaching The Great Gatsby and looking for an engaging way to introduce F. Scott Fitzgerald and provide historical context, then The Great Gatsby Introduction QR Code Webquest is for you!

Designed to provide students with background information to help them understand the novel, this QR code webquest will get students out of their seats and using the one thing they all have – technology. Students can either click on the embedded link or use the QR Code reader on their device to open the source. Want students up and moving about? Paste the QR codes around the room for a gallery-walk-type completion.


What’s included in The Great Gatsby Introduction QR Code Webquest:

✅ Fillable PDF
✅ QR Codes
✅Answer Key
✅ Clickable links to articles and videos


Topics covered:

✔️F. Scott Fitzgerald
✔️The Roaring 20s
✔️ Prohibition
✔️ The Lost Generation
✔️️ The American Dream


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screenshot of resource The Great Gatsby Introduction Webquest

The Great Gatsby Introduction QR Code Webquest